Sunday, April 25, 2010

.:: ItsNotGold ::.

This Etsy shop is IRRESISTABLE!!!!

Luscious floral creations that are sooooo fun and eclectic... some wonderfully creative jewelry with the seamstress in mind, and a wonderful selection to chose from!

Susana's shop description  decribes it perfectly ---
"Where all the colours, textures and shapes are allowed"...

Hurry!! I that some goodies have disappeared from yesterday!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

.:: I made it to the front page of ETSY ::.

...thanks to ShelleAnne who added my "C is for Clean Linen" soap to her beautiful treasury!!

Check our her shop as she has any type of hair acoutrement that you could ever dream of.... they are top notch!

.:: New Soapies !!! ::.

Yep!.. I was able to piddle around in the soap lab ( aka my kitchen counter..hehe) and was able to rustle up some new soapies.

Check 'em out!

Here are few pics ... :)

Friday, April 2, 2010

.:: Seryna's Creations ::.

First, you must imagine a time when things were genteel and very, very proper :)

That is what Seryna's Creations is all about...but, wait! here's the spin...

The unbelievable silk ribbon embroidered items are elegant in a victorian theme, yet very contemporary in the color themes and items that she creates so expertly!

Jeweled creations are yet another wonderful surprise! I am sure that you will be visiting her Etsy store again and again, as her creations are irresistable!!!