Sunday, January 31, 2010

Ms. Mindy Banta....

MindyBanta is one of those rare totally balanced artisans - let me give you an example. After a few purchases of some of Mindybanta's adorable baby clothing for my soon to be born grand-daughter, I decided that I would love to gift a good friend of mine. Now, this was no easy task, and I knew it would take some saavy to pull this off --- this friend is notorious for having really  light sensitive eyes, and had been dubbed (by myself, of course)... Molina :)

When I asked MindyBanta if she could create something like this, shesconfidently produced the most adorable depiction of a "Mole Girl" on the go, donning a stylish pair of cat-eye sunglasses!!! Both myself and "Molina" were over the moon ...

The moral of this story, is that you will always be more than pleased with whatever you get from this wonderful artisan!!!

Ms. Cotton-eyed Jo

....has arrived for the party.....! Ms. Jo abso-tootly is at the head of the table when it comes to detail and scrutiny when hookin' and strippin'.....awww!! now it ain't like that! Better yet, go see for yourself!

Black Mountain Candles

...on ETSY are absolutely the model of what a candle should be!!

Wendy, the Candleista Par Excellente, is the one who plans, designs, and creates these long lasting, wonderfully scented candles!!! My daughter, who is a candle maniac, is one of Wendy's biggest groupies - let me tell you how accomodating Wendy is --- my daughter is active duty military and Wendy packages up orders for Amy, my brave (and gorgeous!) daughter overseas several times a year. You will not be disapointed --- I guarantee!!! Wendy has a lavender/vanilla tart that is ohhhhhhhhhh soooooo fine!!!
We both share the same birthday so we are to peas in a pod...oops, I forgot Albert is in that pod with us!!
check out her store on etsy...

Saturday, January 30, 2010

My new friend, Betty...

...has the most fabu coffee bags ever at !!! Have you seen the purses and totes that are made with them? ...and the other acoutrements, like at http// ?

Check it out!!!

Lucky ME!!!

I have always whined around that that there was no one around within a bazillion miles that sold the soapmaking supplies that I use frequently.  The Savonier Fairy must have finally cleaned her ears out and granted my fondest wish - alittlebarofsoap!!!
These wonderful Etsians - www.etsy/shop/alittlebarofsoap
have the most luscious butters and soapmaking oils. To add even more fun, they have a "cold Processing Soapmaking Kit", and some fun, fun, fun ( did i say FUN???!) goodies, to include: Make your own Love Potion kit, Massage candles (rarrr)...and so much more.
Go checkout their goodies!

GIANT thanks!!! Miss Wendy, the Good Witch of the North ( you know... the real pretty nice one) for tolerating my million and one questions about how to set up my blog...

be sure to visit her etsy store - candles are scrumptious!

Pearl the Kitty Cat

....she is adorable isn't she?  i had fun creating her :)
i have to thank a couple of Etsians - halibuvalley, for the wonderful folded paper finding and weiwenhaitun for the tiny coral blossom and of course, Miss pearl the Kitty Cat!