Wednesday, February 3, 2010

.: Carolina Chocolate Drops :.

... a couple of summers ago, my fella and I had a bit of the wanderlust, and decided to try out Floydfest7 ... and were ever so glad we did!

here is the link to this years venue!

We had spent a whole day at the extravaganza, and I was able to see my "favs" :) As we were heading to the bus area to be trucked out to the gi-normous parking lots (aka pastures!), we had about 15 minutes to burn and saw a small folk/bluegrass group setting up in a small theatre setting... from that small three member band came a BIG sound. We were totally smitten and followed their performances over the next two days!! This was the Carolina Chocolate Drops, and incredibly musically diverse team of three.
To learn more about them, I have some clips at the bottom of my blog, and of course, here is the link to their site

they are amazin'.....

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