Friday, March 5, 2010

.:: ArtisticDetour ::. of my mostest favoritest Etsians!

Below is their Etsy profile ( which i copied verbatim!)  ---
it is a wonderful description of two wonderfully balanced and gifted artisans...

"We are a husband and wife team. Robin is the creative force behind our endeavor. She has many years of arts and crafts experience; she began at a very young age sewing, crafting, making jewelry and moving on to ceramics including custom hand painted kiln fired tile work with a sister. She has a unique eye for the abstract beauty found in many mediums. I, John, am along for the ride. My contribution is the written word describing her art the best I can, I share her vision of the art.

I also bake, yes I am a Danish baker classically trained by my father. I hope to offer my products at some future date here on Etsy.
Robin is from Southern California I am from the Northern part, who says a mixed marriage doesn’t work? We have lived many places, from Hawaii to Colorado to Massachusetts and all the way to Thailand and Denmark.

But now we found the end of the rainbow here on our Island. We have 5 children between us, who all have their own artistic detour ahead.

Robin works for a major airline, and I for a aerospace company. Although we have our head in the clouds at work, we get down to earth for our natural and organic designs.

When we open the kiln we eagerly await with child like anticipation of what awaits us. Will it be like we hoped, or something that totally surprises us. You never know. That is what keeps it fun. The pleasant surprises.

Thanks for taking the time to read this and visiting our store. Any questions or comments please convo us.

All poetry by John inspired by Robins work.

Robin and John

The “Artistic Detour” duo."


  1. Thank you LJ for saying such nice things! I have to admit I'm addicted to seaglass, and can't stop making jewelry from it. It's a lot of fun to break out the power tools, drill, make a mess, and see what happens. Happy accidents abound.

    I also have to say your soap is the best. Great fragrance and super luscious lather makes it a fav in our house. Our kids won't use any other. I'm almost waiting for the bar to run out so I can open up another flavor, but at the same time... hate to see it go. Your products are the best and are a rock star among B&B sellers.

  2. oh garshhhhhhhhhhhhhhh..... you are so kind!

    you KNOW you are enabling me to want to go rustle up the pans and scale and stick blender at 11:35 p.m. hehe....

    glad you like 'em chickie, and soon you will be immortalised in SOAP!! hehehe