Sunday, January 31, 2010

Black Mountain Candles

...on ETSY are absolutely the model of what a candle should be!!

Wendy, the Candleista Par Excellente, is the one who plans, designs, and creates these long lasting, wonderfully scented candles!!! My daughter, who is a candle maniac, is one of Wendy's biggest groupies - let me tell you how accomodating Wendy is --- my daughter is active duty military and Wendy packages up orders for Amy, my brave (and gorgeous!) daughter overseas several times a year. You will not be disapointed --- I guarantee!!! Wendy has a lavender/vanilla tart that is ohhhhhhhhhh soooooo fine!!!
We both share the same birthday so we are to peas in a pod...oops, I forgot Albert is in that pod with us!!
check out her store on etsy...

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