Monday, February 15, 2010

.:: No Stone Unturned ::.

.....this young lady, Aletha Tjaden, is one of the first Etsians that I purchased from, and I have a "NoStoneUnturned" fix at least once a month ... hehehe...yeah, I am stoned ( I made a funny! ok, ok, so I am Queen of the Groaners).

I snagged this from her Etsy profile:"I love rocks, and rock collecting. I have piles of self collected fossils and minerals around my house and yard. That's how it started...I needed a way to bring these local fossils and minerals to the people in this area, so they can see what wonderful things can be found in this amazing area. I needed to make it more interesting, to catch people's attention without it being a boring geology lesson. So I started with pendants made out of fossils and minerals from Pennsylvania's coal fields. Something beautiful to wear and with a fascinating story.

I hesitate to call what I do "jewelry making" I think of it as a way to carry these beautiful and fascinating stones with me."

Be sure to check out her store -



  1. aaww!!! You're awesome! Thank you!!

  2. I am so lucky to have crossed paths with you... you have shared soooo many awesome stones with me ( and YOU know how hard it is to part with them!!)...thanks ever so much!