Wednesday, February 17, 2010

.:: TheNeedleNerd::.

All the pieces in my store are handmade by me, in beautiful Ohio. I live in a relatively rural part of Ohio with my 2 children and my beautiful wife Unavee. I'm a Graphic Designer by trade, but I have branched my artisticness ;o) Lending my hands to crochet & knitting needles.

I love to crochet. If I'm sitting, I'm crocheting. My grandmother taught me to crochet and I've found love in it.

I have big crochet dreams and I've never loved anything the same way I love creating with yarn and color and patterns. I'm always excited to see what I'll create next. Sharing with others completes the fulfillment. I hope you enjoy my products as much as I do!


  1. LJ,
    *OMG* you are the sweetest thing ever!!!!
    Thanks for everything, literally!! :D

    P.S. Twitting about this :)

  2. Your goods are so unbelieveably well crafted and sooooo beautiful... it was my pleasure to feature them, and will continue to do so!

    now, i need to rustle up some more folks to follow so that we can get your goodies out there!!! :)